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  • So..
    Yo aight foo Iknowwhatsup. You and me should start a crew dawg.
  • Wow...
    Nope, I just knew him when I first joined Netnexus.
  • Wow...
    You were by best friend. :D
  • wow! bounty on me head!
    He put a bounty on his own head in order to give everyone the false impression that people are actua...
  • Terran vs. Tooks: War thread.
    How is that being like me? You're the one who threatened me through Nations mail because I attacked...
  • Halo 3
    If you bought the game at midnight you're an idiot. Halo 3 is essentially Halo 2 with a graphics upd...
  • Trick Question?
    I see AOL.
  • Facebook, MySpace, Nexopia (Social Networks)
    Agreed, social networks suck.
  • Heroes:D
    Is this show good? I'll try watching a few episodes. Speaking of premiers 24 better improve this sea...
  • Maple story
    It seemed fun since it's a side scrolling mmorpg. I played it for about a week but it gets boring fa...