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    That's false advertisement man! I was totally looking forward to yelling at Eugi
  • User Top Ten Guide
    NATIONS TOP 10 STRATEGY GUIDE Step 1 - Show up every day
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    I'm here like once or twice a day
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    Steve, you still got that video of me rapping at Crown Pizza?[Added at 12/25/2013 10:28:50 by ShadyK...
  • I think im done with TL
    Because of this thread, if Babble ever returns, I can give him back the file with no problems. You c...
  • *steps out of the closet*
    If you're being honest, I commend you for quitting the substances and being honest with yourself abo...
  • Roughdier / PounceOnU
    I've warned him carefully about the rules for accounts sharing the same IP, and he says he hasn't br...
  • so, who hasn't been banned here?
    I've been banned several times, and about 4 of my files are probably still banned.
  • Lost 145million haha Stupid
    I refunded it. Please be more careful in the future.
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