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    maybe somewhere
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    i've been around, just not online too much lately, life is always in the way
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    whats that 16803 i can't hear you your number is to high
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    not bad for a retired old player like me
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    how do you check what number you are... because i think i'm... 6 /winning
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    i think we need to make that Raider guy a mod again, things were good back then... *i agree mak...
  • I started Netnexus at ___ and I am now ____
    i dunno, 97, 98, i was 12 maybe 13, i'm 26 now, first mod with powers, one who named the void(s) use...
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  • ATTN: WeaponX
    ya... you had your chance, now its weaps turn
  • Trial Run
    anyone can post whatever sale stats they want to but the fact of the matter is my customers demand a...