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Gemz said on: 2009-01-25 06:04 pm
3608 Days, 16 Hrs, 44 Min, 54 Sec ago
oh jesus, Fracking awsome.

Walking street is no joke, girls running around with nothing on inviteing us marines in for enjoyment.

go if u can.

ill have pics (non porn) as soon as i get my camera up and runnin
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2009-01-25 06:08 pm
3608 Days, 16 Hrs, 40 Min, 49 Sec ago
Your sister was looking for you so heavily that she posted in these forums looking for you. Get in contact with her, if you haven't already.
Jing said on: 2009-01-25 06:17 pm
3608 Days, 16 Hrs, 31 Min, 42 Sec ago
Isn't Thailand famous for having trannies and hookers?
Desideo said on: 2009-01-25 06:41 pm
3608 Days, 16 Hrs, 7 Min, 59 Sec ago
Yeah, I was about to say... quadruple wrap it, and try not to come back with every kind of hep.
GuildaMage said on: 2009-01-25 08:28 pm
3608 Days, 14 Hrs, 20 Min, 25 Sec ago
This is gemz you are refering to, i dont think he would care what he caught from his man-boy-woman-hooker.
Gemz said on: 2009-01-26 08:02 am
3608 Days, 2 Hrs, 46 Min, 24 Sec ago
ya i seen them. The trick to the mangirls is to get them to look up ;)

(atoms apple)

anyways, jesus. its fun

1$ for longislands and 10$ for hookers is always fun...

[Added at 01/26/2009 08:03:02 by Gemz]
and i talked to my sis
GuildaMage said on: 2009-01-26 08:14 am
3608 Days, 2 Hrs, 34 Min, 30 Sec ago
1$ for longislands and 10$ for hookers is always fun...

[Added at 01/26/2009 08:03:02 by Gemz]
and i talked to my sis

I bet you did.....
SeniorUnloco said on: 2009-01-26 08:52 am
3608 Days, 1 Hr, 56 Min, 12 Sec ago

Probably have just as many He-Shes as Korea does.

and jaren.

Get your happy ass over here so we can go out drinking one weekend, loser.
Dealer1 said on: 2009-01-26 09:18 am
3608 Days, 1 Hr, 30 Min, 29 Sec ago
I head to Thailand once a month or so with my wife.

If you are there for the girls, my wife recommends Soi Taniya (the japs hang out there) or Soi cowboy (Baccara and Spice Girls are decent bars..girls wearing school uniforms on the second floor with nothing underneath). And don't go Joes' bar unless you are into kathoeys/mangirls.

Most thai girls look the same to me after awhile so I just trust my wife when she points out the prettier ones to me.
AK47 said on: 2009-01-26 10:12 am
3608 Days, 36 Minutes, 47 Seconds ago

LOL gemz! nice to see youre finally getting some, regardless of the fact that they are he-shes! =P

all jokes aside, when you coming back?
Gemz said on: 2009-01-26 10:36 am
3608 Days, 12 Minutes, 11 Seconds ago
most likely when i get a stable internet conncection. right now i need to buy a laptop and im deploying so much is stupid. I might go to aussie vill in june depending on the mue.

god i love thailand.

g2g chick is sittin beside me
Desideo said on: 2009-01-26 01:21 pm
3607 Days, 21 Hrs, 27 Min, 33 Sec ago
Here's a disturbing thought: little he she Gemz Jr's running around bare naked.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2009-01-26 02:50 pm
3607 Days, 19 Hrs, 58 Min, 45 Sec ago
It seems to me like Jaren is pwning hookers. Keep up the good work, and don't spend your Zenny when you don't have to.
Fbg said on: 2009-01-26 06:35 pm
3607 Days, 16 Hrs, 13 Min, 48 Sec ago
Jaren, please don't go spreading your diseases. lol.

And no, you haven't talked to me. You have talked to our parents, but not me. I haven't heard from you. The first thing I hear is on here your in Thailand and your "hooking up" with every hooker on the street. :(

I need to talk to you anyway. And yes, I do have a myspace but I'm not allowed to here. Idk the url, I'll figure it out later.
email me.
Jing said on: 2009-01-26 07:30 pm
3607 Days, 15 Hrs, 18 Min, 28 Sec ago

I think jess have a brother complex.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2009-01-26 07:34 pm
3607 Days, 15 Hrs, 14 Min, 57 Sec ago
Having heard what Jess has to say in chat, I strongly urge you to contact her, Jaren.
Gemz said on: 2009-02-04 05:24 pm
3598 Days, 17 Hrs, 24 Min, 50 Sec ago

Not every hooker...

just a few of them....

Kinda hard to talk to you when u dont have a i love you phone and i dont have one that wont cost me 2057230572305$ a second.

And im not sending u emails either because they will be seen.

U i love you ed up, bad.
Send me msg in nations
Fbg said on: 2009-02-04 08:28 pm
3598 Days, 14 Hrs, 20 Min, 55 Sec ago
Umm... I have my own PRIVATE e-mail address, DA.
They can't see anything written.

I miss you. When do you get a leave to come home?