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2015-10-10 09:47 am - IronSinew (Admin)
This is only a development site. Nothing here is "live" data and it could be wiped at any time. Feel free to look around, test it, try to break it. If you do manage to break something, make a help ticket here:

Side note, the chat and game links on the front page will take you to the normal NN site. Probably don't want to use them :)

2015-09-24 04:14 pm - TheSource (Admin)
Every Tuesday
2015-05-20 02:54 am - TheSource (Admin)
Ok, here's the deal. The staff here at netnexus... we haven't been all that active. I know. We've made the site, and the games, but we haven't kept our end. We haven't been here and providing updates. We haven't been in the chat, on the forums, checking help tickets. We know, bad Admin status. We're sorry.

This site has always been a project. An outlet. A stone with which, we, the admins have honed our skills. But it has also been an outlet for you, the users. I've been a part of this site since the beginning. I was a beta account for nations. I played D+ and TL in it's infancy. Many of you have done these things as well.

I somehow, through luck or skill, maybe a combo found myself being a dev for this site. I'm grateful to this day. Unbeknownst to me, this site, this COMMUNITY set me on the path I'm currently on. I started as a young, bright eyed child. I say child because it's true. 1998. that's when I got to NN. That's when it started. My obsession. creating an entertainment product that provided joy to others. That's what I wanted. That's what it did. It took me years, YEARS to get to a point that I could dev for NN. It happened though, and maybe I've squandered the opportunity... maybe. I have, however, learned a lot. I went from a young teen, to a young man, to a father, to a husband, all with this place in mind, or as a past time. I've changed a lot, and so has this community.

I know we get a lot of flak, from you, the community. We get it for a lot of things. Let's be real, we deserve most of it in a lot of cases. Let's shift gears though... Let's try something new.

We love you, the community. We love what we are because of you, and yes... even in spite of you, sometimes. We've thrived, floundered, skated by, and existed, on the whims of the dedicated users we have had.

This community, has and always will be, a project of passion, entertainment, and experimentation. Our Vip service exists merely as a method of offsetting our server costs. Even at our peak, we've never seen a profit on NN. Honestly, our resident Admin: Tom has footed the bill himself to keep this place alive.

With that in mind, I'm proud to announce that I have granted to as of today active nations accounts, 30 days of Vip privileges. This is a small gesture to the active community that we do, in fact care.

I would also like to take the time to announce this: My indepentent studio(InAnotherCastleGuys) Will be releasing the Technical Alpha of our in development game (WaR3: Rebirth) to all registered NN users. The alpha date is yet to be set. However, over the next few weeks, we will be releasing content, and eventually the alpha client to NN users first. Please check NN daily for updates to this program.

Users granted 1 month of Vip are as follows:
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