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  • I stuck my fist
    In a beehive. Digging the new look. :D
  • Tacos
    [s=1]Wait, why did you take away my s=1? I needs it. Edited by Tooks on 2015-11-01 07:33:46Well t...
  • Tacos
    *right-clicking intensifies*
  • WTB Creds
    I am.
  • WTB Creds
    Enough for best VIP Weapon and Armor
  • WTB Creds
    Via Paypal?
  • ?? FOR SALE ??
    Tom Brown That is all.[Added at 03/10/2015 15:29:43 by Tooks]
  • WTB Creds
    What he said :P
  • WTB Creds
    Enough for best weapon/armor combo to be exact. Post if interested. Will discuss further.
  • Mobile Friendly?
    TL would be perfect for an time killing mobile game. Nations would be good to have a mobile client t...