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  • Red's List of Testing
    Seems like Red gave up on testing :( ~Iron
  • Tacos
    Tooks, there is a a live text preview to prevent those awkward forum moments now. :] Iron
  • Red's List of Testing seems to be working correctly now. ~Iron
  • Red's List of Testing
    Good catch on the redirect loop. I'll take care of that. I think I need to make the "www" optional...
  • The Feels
    I'll second that ;) ~Iron
  • Game tags
  • Red's List of Testing link tag is working now. Fixed max-width for images. Also text-overflow...
  • Game tags
    On the games section I've started adding some category tags. Any suggestions for other categories?
  • This is only a test
    I need to set Max-width 100% on images! Posting from my phone, too lazy for markup.
  • Tacos
    Not an oversight, Red. ;) ~Iron