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Anyone play NCAA Football 2010 PS3 4 replies

PFC-Hepburn said on: 2009-07-21 11:08 pm
3376 Days, 12 Hrs, 8 Min, 49 Sec ago
Just wondering if any users around here play it, possible start up an online dynasty?
MVP said on: 2009-07-21 11:15 pm
3376 Days, 12 Hrs, 1 Min, 29 Sec ago
What's NCAA?
What's football?
What's a PS3?
When is 2010?
Scott54 said on: 2009-07-22 03:19 pm
3375 Days, 19 Hrs, 58 Min, 26 Sec ago
I dont have it, but i enjoy football games. How is it so far? Any good additions from previous years?
PFC-Hepburn said on: 2009-07-22 08:47 pm
3375 Days, 14 Hrs, 29 Min, 42 Sec ago
I think it's cool. You are able to use Team Builder to build a "custom" team on the internet. You are able to do online dynasties with them and change teams conferences. A few good additions. There are still some problems with it, like while playing the game and people pause at the end of the game and it makes you get annoyed and quit therefor giving you a loss. You can wait them out but who knows when that will be.
Scott54 said on: 2009-07-24 09:21 am
3374 Days, 1 Hr, 55 Min, 56 Sec ago
Thanks for the info.