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Wanna Have Fun.............try this 9 replies

Hi-Liter said on: 2007-04-13 03:41 am
4234 Days, 4 Hrs, 26 Sec ago
join the 7th Cav for a round or two.

we watch each others backs and as our dearly departed WARBEAST would say "we fight like true SPARTANS!"

so, if you're tired of just teching and want some action---message jebstuart, 9mm, cunning_killer or myself.

Jing said on: 2007-04-13 06:04 am
4234 Days, 1 Hr, 38 Min, 2 Sec ago
i'm sure communist would wanna join but he wants to tech too...egoist/war mongrel!
JEBStuart said on: 2007-04-13 11:08 am
4233 Days, 20 Hrs, 33 Min, 48 Sec ago
JING--that's our plan--tech as high as we can, and fight our butts off...both can be done!
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-04-13 11:40 am
4233 Days, 20 Hrs, 2 Min, 8 Sec ago
They have been amazing the last 4 rounds....LOL

And if you ask them they have never lost a war. They are so 1337. Join them

*End sarcasm*
TheUNKNOWN said on: 2007-04-13 05:04 pm
4233 Days, 14 Hrs, 37 Min, 33 Sec ago
twd shut up! or the GHOST of WARBEAST will HAUNT U....MUHAHAHAHA!, a SPARTAN can NEVER be COUNTED as OUT of a FIGHT!
SavageIlI said on: 2007-04-13 06:10 pm
4233 Days, 13 Hrs, 31 Min, 53 Sec ago
TheWhiteDemons comment has made me want to join up with the 7th. Someone plz send me a msg with the pass for next round.
Hi-Liter said on: 2007-04-13 09:17 pm
4233 Days, 10 Hrs, 24 Min, 50 Sec ago
that is great news savage, we'll make sure you get the pass. ok, that's one, who will be next?

we have NO cookies but we do have a helluva clan page! muhahahahahahahha
Hi-Liter said on: 2007-04-13 09:19 pm
4233 Days, 10 Hrs, 22 Min, 57 Sec ago
jing, we have seen communist fight and we would love to have him for a round or two. in fact, you should give us a try!
SaNdYx said on: 2007-04-14 07:43 pm
4232 Days, 11 Hrs, 58 Min, 35 Sec ago
i agree with Hi-Liter 7th main page PWN a lot !!! and btw guys ill be back in few round to help you pwn domination i just wanted to see how good i can rank and i think this round will be a good 1 ;)
Hi-Liter said on: 2007-04-15 11:44 am
4231 Days, 19 Hrs, 57 Min, 46 Sec ago
sandyx, we in the CAV know what a great fighter you are, now you're proving you can tech with anyone too. the 7th CAV looks forward to your return.