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WOW! 4 replies

Ahso said on: 2013-01-24 02:22 pm
2150 Days, 16 Hrs, 16 Min, 38 Sec ago
I just decided to check to see if this was still a thing or if it had died... it is good to see so many people posting and still active here... hope life is treating u well.. maybe I'll stop in again in the next few years and see who is still here... looking down the list, it is good to see some friendly names on here... take care everyone...
AK47 said on: 2013-01-24 06:48 pm
2150 Days, 11 Hrs, 50 Min, 12 Sec ago

Whats going on? Hope all is well with you and yours!!

Come on back and join the party!!! =)
Korgrath (Mod) said on: 2013-01-24 08:52 pm
2150 Days, 9 Hrs, 46 Min, 46 Sec ago
Yeah! it's a party Ahso! You're invited!
WeaponX (Mod) said on: 2013-01-24 09:26 pm
2150 Days, 9 Hrs, 13 Min, 0 Sec ago
Hey Ahso! Long time!
Stormbringer said on: 2013-01-25 04:43 am
2150 Days, 1 Hr, 55 Min, 48 Sec ago
Ahso! Great to see you stop back!