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The next rank after SCF is....... 5 replies

Nexuryon said on: 2007-06-01 06:33 pm
4155 Days, 10 Hrs, 37 Min, 23 Sec ago

Welcome to the training center. May I take your order?
You have recieved a promotion! You are now a

The is no rank after SCF, only your name remains and the exp needed for the next rank is impossible to reach

902,983,950,682 exp needed... like the old TL before the reset

There my work is done =)

Have fun!

[Added at 06/01/2007 20:36:48 by Nexuryon]
HEH! Mods!?

my life is now 0 lol and they give me back about 200 mil$... is that means that its game over?
PsychoSpy said on: 2007-06-01 07:56 pm
4155 Days, 9 Hrs, 14 Min, 54 Sec ago
LOL hehhe
Battlecruiser said on: 2007-06-01 09:01 pm
4155 Days, 8 Hrs, 9 Min, 20 Sec ago
The game is never over as there is no limit to the amount of MP kills you can get. It is pretty much the only point to play this game because the other ranks are pretty much single player.
Nookie_06 said on: 2007-06-01 09:03 pm
4155 Days, 8 Hrs, 8 Min, 14 Sec ago
cool with zero life?hehehe
PsychoSpy said on: 2007-06-03 09:29 am
4153 Days, 19 Hrs, 41 Min, 47 Sec ago
Neme. try contacting TS maybe u guys can talk...
Red (Tester) said on: 2007-06-03 10:16 am
4153 Days, 18 Hrs, 55 Min, 3 Sec ago
:) Obviously more ranks could be added. Never quit!