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Now What? 4 replies

Orroz said on: 2008-11-02 09:18 pm
3609 Days, 9 Hrs, 30 Min, 6 Sec ago
Ok so now im a corpral I have seige tank armor and Vulcan Cannon and I cant find anything better then that for a reasonable price. I can kill most zerg but not worth the hospital bill I have the max amount of health for a corpral. So now what do I do?
Creativename said on: 2008-11-02 11:15 pm
3609 Days, 7 Hrs, 32 Min, 55 Sec ago
Bank money. When you die, you get fully healed. It's slow, but you should be able to get a few million quickly. Promote ASAP since you get more money each rank.


You can read my guide and see if it helps.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2009-01-27 04:08 am
3524 Days, 2 Hrs, 39 Min, 48 Sec ago
Do you know how long it took me to realize that your siggy has the alphabet in the wrong order?
Zipit said on: 2009-01-27 08:44 am
3523 Days, 22 Hrs, 3 Min, 58 Sec ago
O.o how'd you notice that?
TC5 said on: 2009-01-27 01:24 pm
3523 Days, 17 Hrs, 23 Min, 23 Sec ago
He probably looked at it because something had to be wrong with it if it was in his signature.