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Energy Shield Armor 0 replies

Vic said on: 2011-07-04 12:07 pm
2696 Days, 15 Hrs, 36 Min, 33 Sec ago
I have trouble understanding how Energy Shield armor works. The description says "Absorbs 1/2 damage from all attacks". Additionally it has an armor value of its own (let's say 20 for level 3 energy shield). So if I get attacked for X damage, the actual damage received should be either X/2-20 or (X-20)/2, right ?

I did an experiment with a Level 9 Demonic Overlord. With Goliath Mech Suit V2 equipped (75 armor), damage is around 500 consistently. This gives a base damage around 575.

Now with an Energy Shield Level 3 equipped, damage should be around 575/2-20 = 268 or (575-20)/2 = 278. However this time damage is around 515, or around 60 damage reduction.

So, did I understand incorrectly how it works or is there some kind of bug with this type of armor ?