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XSquad said on: 2013-12-16 07:04 pm
3567 Days, 1 Hr, 36 Min, 42 Sec ago
Oh yea finally

You have found a rare Microcellular Restorator.
Will you pickup the Microcellular Restorator or ignore it? (You already have a Rejuvenator. You can only carry one item.)
You pickup the Microcellular Restorator
You are in the wastelands.

[Added at 12/16/2013 19:05:16 by XSquad]

Captain XSquad
Credits $263134.00
Bank $7621441.00
Health (53321/64382)
Weapon Rail Gun
Armor Goliath Mech Suit V2
Item Microcellular Restorator [?] [drop]
Exp. 1286351196/565357823
Kills 8072-1

[Added at 12/17/2013 09:34:52 by XSquad]
should I promote from this point or still wait ?