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FireStarter said on: 2013-05-16 11:15 pm
2035 Days, 20 Hrs, 8 Min, 10 Sec ago
It's been a long time boys and girls but I'm back!

I'm sure you all have noticed by now that some things have been getting fixed around the site and in addition to these fixes I'm back working on World At Ruins.

Some things you might notice are the fact that character creation has been fixed thanks to DannyFO allowing users to create characters once again. The rankings have been reset and all existing characters wiped providing everyone with a fresh new start.

The starting areas for all races have also been temporarily reset to Oran as I go from area to area re-balancing monsters and shops, making sure there are no breaks in the map so you lovely people don't end up stuck in the void :P and adding in any additional content that may be required.

For now that's all I got folks but keep an eye out for updates on any new additions or changes made as I make my way through the world one area at a time. :D

DannyFo (Mod) said on: 2013-05-17 09:28 am
2035 Days, 9 Hrs, 54 Min, 58 Sec ago
Just wanted to make a quick addition to Andrew's post.

We also finished adding the User Lookup page yesterday. Enter a user you've bumped into in the game to view all of their stats and equipment. You can also get to their info by clicking on their name in any of the rankings lists.

At the top of the user's information is a link to send them a message via NNMS.

We've got some more updates coming to the table and we're all excited to get started on them.

Thanks go out to FS and Pixie for their continuing support and work on this game over the years! =)
Selkirk said on: 2013-05-17 11:57 pm
2034 Days, 19 Hrs, 26 Min, 10 Sec ago
Selkirk said on: 2013-05-18 01:21 am
2034 Days, 18 Hrs, 2 Min, 48 Sec ago
Point of query, do monsters drop armour?
Pixie said on: 2013-05-18 02:20 am
2034 Days, 17 Hrs, 3 Min, 43 Sec ago
Monsters can drop what ever Item is assigned to drop it, may be a weapon or armour some don't drop anything at all. Pick pocket drops his armour.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2013-05-19 03:23 pm
2033 Days, 3 Hrs, 59 Min, 52 Sec ago
http://www.netnexus.com/membership/homepage?ShadyKnight - WaR2 FAQ
Sinknight said on: 2014-10-07 02:09 am
1527 Days, 17 Hrs, 14 Min, 13 Sec ago
Here is a link to a list of enemies and their drops. Some of it is out dated but it may help you.