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  • SeanM?
    No, that is not me. I did however spend the last 7 months in Portland (Pearl district) working fo...
  • What car do you drive?
    I drive a 98 4 runner, but only when I have to. The wife drives a 99 camery. Weather permitting I...
  • Rare Sighting.
    LIES. Nothing to see here.. Move along now.
  • Tar Officially Mopped
    Let it be known that on this day, Nov 21, Tar was officially mopped by Me!
  • teh HEY!
  • teh HEY!
    Lol. It's going good! I don't know that I'd really call it full blown comming back, I just like to...
  • teh HEY!
    What's up guys? =p The new admin features are awesome btw =p
  • SeanM