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  • There are -161 Seconds left in the game.
    same glitch every round
  • Nations
    I was a member since 02!! Past a decade already and I agree, its dead. Maybe 10 active players a...
  • Nations
    I know, been a member since 2002, Junior High School days.. On a side note, I just renewed my VIP...
  • Nations
    Seems like nations has dwindled down to 12-15 active players and speed nations is dead.
  • Wow...
    You know it, consisting on 10-15 active players...
  • NNP
    Congratulations on your top user finish in Nations! NetNexus Points have been added to your account....
  • Congrats - Kazoany
    Well played.
  • Techie Needed - Regular Nations
    Need a new techie for regular. Spot is open, feel free to send a request if you need. Thanks
  • Tech Allies
    Hi, I know its a bit late in the game but I still have two tech spots open. If anyone needs a active...