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  • Coming Back...
    well... a little late coming back... im gonna try to catch up...
  • Nations Mobile - What do you think?
    Would be great... check it on your phone.. could an app be made for the game?
  • Coming Back...
    Hey All, I think I may try to be active in the next round... is it all still the same? Thanks
  • Items
    I would like to make a suggestion.... Please anyone active pitch in with a comment... Can we p...
  • WTF?
    shouldnt it be like 200M? or the Ionic be more? Matt
  • WTF?
    I went to by the Rail Gun and its $800,000,000.00? It says its only $200,500,000.00 Is that VI...
  • Okay wtf?
    ^^^^ That was all I thought too... :P
  • I miss ...
    I miss the sales as well.
  • TL Bind for sale
  • i-REAL
    it will be awhile.... at least 10-15 years my bet