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  • Wow TL is still up and running
    I came back to play for giggles. only a captain now.. but we'll see. just playing in my free time wh...
  • Hi
    ugh.. hi lol
  • the old days
    old times...
  • Im reviving my [S.O.A]
    lol shaun... I wish you luck in trying to restart a clan. The game just isn't quite what it use to b...
  • Oldest Surviving TL Player?
    I was well hidden and under a different name.. mainly thrasher when I started.. but I was around 11...
  • I'm 20.
    be 19 soon -Emp. Amon Ra (Retired Falcon Co-Leader)
  • Hey everyone
    well happy new years everyone
  • Hey everyone
    hmm the things i don't know anymore about this place... oh well.. first semester of college is over...
  • Hey everyone
  • Hey everyone
    seems like a lonely place for a girl to be haha -Emp. Amon Ra (Retired Falcon Co-Leader)