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  • Pyromaniac Is Quiting
    Hey all, I thought about this and i had enough oh this game and i really dont check it and play seri...
  • How Old are YOU? survey..
    Well im 18 years old, good thing i dont feel like the oldest, just kidding oldies
  • TECHIES!!!
    Im looking for 2 more techies this round. They need to research in 4's. Please send m a message in t...
  • Techies
    Im looking for three active techies next round. Send me a message in nations or send me an offer ONL...
  • 3 Techie spots open
    Im looking for another techie, i get in the top 50's but next round ill miss 2 weeks of turns. but i...
  • Techie Needed
    Looking for 1 more techie!
  • Techie
    I am in need of a techie fast!!!! send an offer in the game please as long as your active and rese...
  • Tech alliance
    ill take your tech alliance, but im full on the ecomonic alliances.
  • Techie!!
    I am in need of one tech alliance. Send me a MESSAGE in the game and then ill send you an offer![A...
  • Techie
    I need one more techie, if your going to be active please send me a message, not an offer. Than...