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  • Minecraft server
    if you wish to join my server, add me to msn at it is not always open as it see...
  • Minecraft server
    if anyone is interested, i'm willing to start a minecraft server. keep it fun and clean, blah blah b...
  • Minecraft
    So i was wondering if anyone in here plays minecraft, i made a server for survival multiplayer and a...
  • B.Net / SC2
    heh why the hell not, i play WoW and SC2,
  • Why?
    ironic i feel the same way
  • Music
    hmmm by disturbed the best IMO are inside the fire indestructible 10000 fist the game i'm al...
  • summer-een-mas '08
    technicly cad is a comic, since its purpose is to create laughter therefore defination no.4 defin...
  • summer-een-mas '08
    for those of you who read it's usually refered to "Winter-Een-Mas" We'll for us...
  • World Of WarCraft
    magtheridon here
  • am i gay
    i'm not an expert in the domain, the only knowledge i have in endocrinology (study of hormones) is t...