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  • Watch out now
    yo quero taco bell* hiya, stoutn!
  • what's up, players?
    you've been missed* how are you all? i'm back for a round or 2. i need techy's . so hook me up! nic...
  • Nations!
    Thank you guys,,, you're "thebest!" God bless,,, peace =)
  • Nations!
    omg,,, sorry to hear that. i'll tell ya,,, i'm scared,,, and i do pray for him.
  • Nations!
    hey! being back was like the old days. i had to get the feel of it again. this is probably gonna...
  • Techie...
    both your mama's!
  • One day,,,
    ya, that's what i thought ;)
  • One day,,,
    it won't happen cause you have them high rollin rankers and they'll mess up their game. what woul...
  • One day,,,
    all multi's are included!
  • One day,,,
    we should just have a full on war w/ everybody! blow up the news board w/ a BIG BANG!!! but we wo...