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  • What's up, fellas?
    I was feeling nostalgic and holy COW I can't believe you guys are still around! I miss dinking aroun...
  • BNT
    It's probably high time for a reset. Come try on 4208 for size if you get bored.
  • BNT
    Holy high score.
  • Would you rather...
    I could probably use the exercise.
  • More BNT Stuff
    I own 3+ planets in multiple sectors and still don't own them. What gives?
  • More BNT Stuff
    1. How does one gain control of a sector? 2. What does energy impact during combat? 3. Does a...
  • me+jaren=black eye
    Ah, booze.
  • BNT Reset Vote
    I vote for both.
  • Speed round techie
    Hit me up
  • Clan size limit?
    Sounds like you're damning yourself to potentially see high traffic in the future. Don't give up hop...