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    if you get rejected, i think if you kill yourself you can try again a lot sooner
  • List of Items + Descriptions
    Lottory Ticket: Earn random credits $$$ amount Light Stimpak: Restores 250 HP Medium Stimpak: Re...
  • Does anyone still play this game?
    You have found a rare Can of Nuke Cola. First rare item i find, and its complete garbage You e...
  • Does anyone still play this game?
    sure, anything will help me in getting towards the rail gun helli0nn is my username
  • Hello.
    Ah alright thanks, i only managed to find an assisted aim so far. just waiting for that shield gen o...
  • Finally
    Whats SCF?
  • Hello.
    Hi, for a non VIP member is the best gun the flak cannon? or are any of the high end ones from erica...
  • Does anyone still play this game?
    Its been years since i last played, and ended up forgetting my old account info lol. Does anyone els...