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  • wow nations is dead
    wow nations is dead lol. not even 50 actives
  • POed
    anyway though, any ideas of what could have gone wrong with my comp? i think stormbringer had the sa...
  • POed
    love how people are dicks
  • POed
    not that this game is a huge part of my life but it is still something that gets under your skin. wo...
  • POed
    so one day i was wanting to finish my turns on some game called nations... but was unable to get on...
  • problem
    so i went from having my food being fine. i was maxed out. then i spent some turns and i was losing...
  • need techie
    i still need one. im researching mil off and def
  • Read me - Problem?
    i vote no, just so i can stand out from the crowd
  • need techie
    i lost one of mine. if you are active it would be greatly appriciated
  • the more the better
    toast is busy messing around with butter