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  • Dear Admins...
    You can message Tom, and I believe he will talk with you about it.
  • Nostalgia...
  • Headcount
    Recently I am here few times a day, to play rounds and check up on any missed messages. It's just...
  • Nations
    I've been here way to long.. but keep coming back just see how things are going.
  • TWENTY active players this round?
    Good Luck.
  • Beta opens tomorrow
    Hmmph, every chance I get to speak with you, I am slow at catching you.
  • It's still alive................
    Dyno, you should stick around, You would see what is happening.
  • Minecraft
    So who plays? If you play let me know, and I will send you invites to a white-list server and a c...
  • 2012 a lie.
    From what the scientists, we still have another 50- 100 years. Making the clock move, from 2012 t...
  • 2012 a lie.
    So it seems 2012 is a lie. I wrote a little blog about it. & the o...