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  • thanks
    same for me you mess with Tank1 you mess with me also
  • thanks
    If you dont like him thats your business we are all entitled to our own opinion but that was harsh c...
  • lookin for good caln
    It is soundeding like you need a doctor not a clan buddy that is not intended to be rude either
  • Schadenfreude
    Wowo you know what is scary people who sit here all day and criticize others mistakes lol. Just s...
  • thanks
    Arch you idiot lol
  • Techy
    i sent you a msg
  • Looking for a clan
    message me in game with your tech level and you can join mine
  • Final Update
    if anybody attacks before the time and its unprovoked shuld be subject to massing lol
  • Next round clan and techie search
    Thundercts will be looking for member
  • Tankasaurus1 and shadowlord
    no accounting lol Accounting you attack String and Tank I attack you id just throw this up as a l...