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  • Old players
    hello all looks like im stilla around also!! wishes i still hadd access to my olderacount!! EE-Darks...
  • long time!
    well well well!! its beenaround 3-6 years since iv played this game!! i guss it still around!!
  • MP Tourny
    lol im join it XD but idk if i should! unless if its over!!
  • i need of sum help
    can sum 1 send me 8mil to buy a new armor!! ty accunt name is 12345679
  • wondering about bind pirces
    aany 1 selling 1 XD i was wondeing how mcuh they go 4
  • suggist
    i think the adims so do an eavnt every 1 week so that way people can come and work things out more...
  • okie since they reseted everything
    na i hv to iv been here since my brother left me his old accunt! now im taking over.
  • okie since they reseted everything
    o.0 ty man u rule!! timw to pwn u rock man
  • Back in this
    same here XD time to pwn this game like befor we all rock let get making with hisroty of this game!!...
  • rate m y acunt that i made 2 days ago XD
    Warrant Officer Rick Ross AKA the BOSS Credits $16688.00 Bank $714751.00 Health (7620/7620) Weap...