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  • I wonder if anyone remembers..
    Anyone remember when Tina posted all of her nude pictures on here? WOOOHOOO!! lawl^_^
  • Birthday
    ^_^ Thanks guys.
  • Progress on update.
    Jon u rock buddy:) --- I think I'm going to have to second that :D --- I think I'm going...
  • Sal...
    I like bugs?
  • Birthday
    It's my birthday, the big one six. Presents anyone? :)
  • Goodbye
    I'll cya tars, before you leave would you mind unlocking my acct (Death-) I'd apriciate it.. Cya in...
  • ~TS~ War
    I'm down, but I might not be that active..[Added at 01/18/2007 19:22:21 by Assassination4]Gmeph P...
  • I'm 20.
    16 on January 21st :D
  • Quest To The GREAT TL
    I'm down for another war, maybe in December...
  • my acc
    ummm ill pay you $5 real dollars.....