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  • Bored? Are you the only one playing TL?
    Just realised that I still have this account! So here's me double posting. =P
  • I have posted a help ticket!
    Haha.. Alright.. Thx alot! =)
  • I have posted a help ticket!
    So please help! =)
  • Oldies
    Hmmm.. I seriously feel that someone should really take time to examine why is TL so attractive to p...
  • Safari for the PC
    Well I'm gonna try it out! =)[Added at 06/16/2007 14:42:09 by _Sky_]Well I just downloaded it and I...
  • Well, what's your occupation?
    Just curious, what do people of NN do for a living in real life? To start off, I'm now part-timin...
  • new rare item???
    LoL, just one. Think it was your world that was blown up. Anyway cheers! I've just found SSG! =)
  • new rare item???
    Yay! I got it! Colonel ¤F Eg¥pT »°uT)°« Credits $270.00 Bank $35000000.00 Health (256163/2...
  • Irritating Enemies..
    Those lvl 7 guardians seems to be causing much more damage than overminds and battlecruisers, when t...
  • Problem
    Yeah firefox seems to run the pages slower as compared to IE, tried netscape as well. How to adjust...