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  • Hi
    good to see old names still aroundish, every now and then :P been a while aye haha
  • Does anybody remember me?
    Well hello! I also make a brief return =)
  • :O
    True, Most times after I see the name I have already clicked so there isn't much I can do... Than...
  • :O
    You encounter a Level 9 Overmind! The Level 9 Overmind has killed you. You can not play for 5 minu...
  • :O
    omg i iz noob and account is likes gone and i need helps and shiz Sorry I always wanted to do tha...
  • Heyas!
    What I meant was there's no point training to the Top 25 if it will be whipped soon, I'd rather put...
  • Heyas!
    Thanks guys, I'm going good, Glad to see Dondon is still around =) Anyways I see TL is going to b...
  • Heyas!
    I'll be back, Well for now anyways, I played before the whipe a lot and I said I wouldn't play after...
  • BC won the tourney.
    i'm hella late but well done fellas... and Tina
  • Irritating Enemies..
    ok then cheers and yeah i have energy shield