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  • Healing cost? Stupid?
    Just checking, but it seems the healing costs are way out of wack?? Its impossible to heal with the...
  • any plans to make tl an app?
    would probly get a bit of a following IMO. Thoughts?
  • WTB Creds
    happy to discuss
  • WL training
    anyone who is on the top marines in wl kills please reply with a way i can contact you
  • Old players
    long time since i dropped by
  • Runescape?
    Anyone play runescape here?
  • Best TL account?
    Add up your rank of each top marine category my account = Most Experienced = 2 Richest = 3...
  • Need a MOD
    any chance a mod would be able to get my pass on user: noblesse its attatched to my account etc.
  • Bind?
    Any chance of getting a bind from someone?
  • RuneScape
    oohh well cool. my username is M_A__G_E_X soo if anyone wants to do some team killing and gdws or...