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  • Really came back for good
    ah, shadowlord, its going alright, having slight setbacks with overlords, they are a pain in the ars...
  • Calling all TL players!
    From the underworld becons me, im still kicking
  • Really came back for good
    I have been through ups and downs that have kept me from this site and last few days i got back into...
  • Hrmm
    might as well hook me up with the bind dude, i could use it, and yes it has been a while
  • Hrmm
    long time no see, i am back in on this believe it or not, usually i play late at night.
  • Back in this
    i couldnt agree with you more meroy, thats why i am gonna be starting from ground up like i use to b...
  • Back in this
    lol, yes nataku, Seph shall return. Normally if i return, ShadyKnight would be the first to know tho...
  • Anyone want to train me a deity?
    Shadowlord, I think i can do this for you, back when this game was active, i was a person that would...
  • Anybody..
    no, no one wants to wire you money on this game, its pretty much a dead game
  • Thought i would drop a message in.
    im doing pretty good, good to see you would at least honor me by dropping a message in here just on...