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  • Anyone want a flag?
    hey if u can make me a flag rogue then flash night then another flash SM w/ a black backgrond an...
  • Teh Commies
    ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À ¢À congrats
  • new SM series of flags
    u should make me one
  • AK!
    yah nice win
  • clan R.O.N. IS BACK
    yup thats right rise fo nation it was me goto and cold use to run it about a yr ago maybe longer tha...
  • clan R.O.N. IS BACK
    yah i know i thought i fixing sumthin but instead i made it double oh well
  • clan R.O.N. IS BACK
    WELL I am bringing back clan ron and if ne one is looking for a clan im more than happy to hav u.....
  • Oldie looking for a clan
    no u should go to requiem
  • Is it me or
    yah u guys probally think im new but i took about a yr off from this game.. me and weaponx started o...