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  • Warnings,,,
    Well since usually I get three at a time, for creating a false account in realistic terms i've had a...
  • Custom Computer
    i tink he wants a copmuter to chekc emial and look at wesbites on the interweb i thhnik
  • Rizer
    Owned, perms are gone and Rizer hasn't been on Netnexus in years or his MSN. Half Fuhn.
  • ATHF Publicity Stunt
    Turner now has to pay close to a million dollars, and they STILL think it's there fault. Everywhere...
  • I Am The Greatest...
  • Profession Suggestions
    Like FS Pirateplz.
  • Something is wrong with netnexus..
    Let's all laugh at him for using his normal bodily functions for an extended period of time. Laug...
  • Something is wrong with netnexus..
    <TheWhiteDemon (Vip)> i have to poop <TheWhiteDemon (Vip)> Realy bad <TheWh...
  • GoogleTV Beta
    I knew it was a hoax, the youtube comments are funny. "IT DUZNT WERK!!1"
  • Am I Old Now?
    FRed is right, Brian is a SPAMMER. I'm telling.[Added at 01/29/2007 07:56:15 by Terran000]Who the he...