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  • What is Your land at?
    150 land but people think im always a farm :P
  • i need techie
    im sorry for my grammar but english is not my first language :S
  • i need techie
    lol busty your so funny i not here to get some friends... i here to play at nation so if want te...
  • i need techie
    i still need one !!!!
  • i need techie
    i need one techie send me offer
  • bc= many land
    lol jing your funny you never know how many i got :P p.s last round oesent count :P
  • need techie
    next i will play for good ranking so i will need techie msg me in nation have a nice day...
  • bc= many land
    i low land i got 4 land :P but i dont have 10 guys for support me and 3 farm disband for me lol
  • bc= many land
    bc how many land you got ???
  • Sorry Techies.