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  • Quack
    I didn't know the plural of sheep was sheeps.
  • School roof collapse!
    I couldn't read the article because some HUGE Flash ad for a chocolate bar popped up and wouldn't go...
  • Whats your Chinese Zodaic??
    Lol this stuff is such BS. The Wikipedia page for my "Chinese sign" is "incorrect" about my personal...
  • :(
    SSG n00bs. I may fail at armor, but I got a SG!
    It doesn't say it does in game. How am I supposed to know that? I know Goliath Mech does, but I didn...
  • Should I...?
    Definitely. You need something tough to survive Overminds.
    If you call 3 hours for 9m good.:/ I'll take my chances as Cmdr, and I can always ask people for...
    Lieutenant dOnDoN [CLASSIC] Credits $119.00 Bank $4242601.00 Health (15295/15295) Weapon Enhance...
  • Gahh
    It'd be cool if they gave a temporary 10 monster boost of 2x shots per turn in exchange for 25% of y...
  • Registration Issues
    I registered a while ago, but the email still hasn't arrived? What's up? Awesome color combinat...