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  • Bored? Are you the only one playing TL?
    Some things never change, can't beleive they still have not done anything. O well maybe when tom win...
  • Game coming back
    I just lost my God for a 4th time.. thanx NN.
  • 3 years later...
    Patient.. lol , i remember laughing when i saw that.
    What if you just have and old name and deserve buttseks? o_O
  • God
    Har har look, all ur hardwork and no1 cares LOL. *cough* backstaber *cough*[Added at 05/24/2007 0...
  • First to hit 20
    Gratz >.> But i woulda been but u know why.. :P Logd goin slow for me again today :(
  • So im an oldbie more than any of you. Show me respect
    All is Western World people are pathetic, especially you Jeany, I am a South African white person an...
  • Guild Wars
    *Wonders about copyright/trademark infringments* :P
  • crappy
    Elf is ghey, wit them gay lookin ears, stay Felyne.
  • LotGD Down?
    For some reason LoGD is starting to run incredibly slow in Firefox