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  • How dissapointing...
    I was surprised that I ranked. Missed a few days and maxed out a couple times because of work and sc...
  • Need a techie
    Hi, I had to drop one inactive techie so I have a spot open now. If anyone needs, feel free to...
  • Kazoany
  • techie
    Anyone need a techie for next round. Im very active.
  • techie
    need one, just send a request, thanks
  • Counting Game
  • Techie
    Need one active techie, message me in game. Thanks
  • Tankasaurus1 and shadowlord
    I'll stop the attacks if the attacks on me stops. Otherwise I'll just keep using missles if i have t...
  • Tankasaurus1 and shadowlord
    It was one attack and I got 3 land.. He attacked me back and got 4
  • Tankasaurus1 and shadowlord
    I was massed 14 times by tank and 8 or so from shadowlord. Therefore, I will be devoting the rest of...