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  • Tech needed
    Thanks to Superman....I need two techies. Asap
  • Techie
    Looking for a new techie, for this new round.
  • Techies!
    I got one more spot open.
  • Techies!
    Hello! I'm making a return for a round, maybe more. I need some techies though! Hit me up!
  • Hello & I'm back
    Welcome back Pic!! And congrats!
  • Still Alive???
    Ele! You should come back too, I did.
  • [Speed Nations]Techies
    Hey gimme 3 techies and a clan. Yep.
  • Clan Lookout
    Looking for a clan for next round. Making a comeback for a couple rounds.
  • Techies.
    Still needing one.[Added at 11/24/2011 13:15:44 by Sin] Also in need of a Clan for next round.
  • scheduled game
    I'm in. Off course.