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  • Anime
    some of its good, but a lot of its essentially the same show by different artists
  • 18 and Life
    Tommy's right....even deaf people know thats pink floyd. xP
  • im going on an adventure
    An adventure, huh? Will there be.....treasure? 0.o
    idk...i mean, i hate most of my family. but on the other hand, i love to stuff my face! =P
  • netnexus experiment
    Ban him for this? 0.o I thought it was funny....this stuff's the only reason i still check the fo...
  • Wooooooo Missiles :)
    I'd rather talk to WARBEAST....0.o
  • Long time!
    I could use any alliances you wanna give me. I just started playing again, so Im under n00b protecti...