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  • Idea for chat
    but id rather bribe you corey... i want to fix a round so i can win again... :P as user mind j...
  • Story behind the names
    Joar Nesossin WoT series... Bad guy trades to the good side, would have eventually backstabbed.....
  • Asmodean
    Dark Templar Dark Archon Archon w00t protoss pwns you all
  • Asmodean
    then return from whence you came! i shall have total dominion of all archons on earth and you kno...
  • Asmodean
    you may all bow before me. my archon shall throw your archon into the firery pits of hell and lau...
  • Congrats SIN
    congratz sin :D good job rabafi :D
  • Clan Membership Drive
    ************ 0.o, FearRun? ,o.0 Maybe in a few rounds... ************
  • so im playing again
    Gemz.... your a n00b, but i still love ya man.
  • so im playing again
    Gemz your a loser :P
  • A place...
    Thanks Jing :D