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  • Similar Games?
    Are there any war games like this one???? Please reply......
  • Get This Site Back Up
    i only played for a little bit but the time that i played i had fun and id like to play again so let...
  • Playing again
    I am going to start playing again so i need some techies.
  • scheduled game
    I'll play but I need techies. :)
  • Kaz
    congrats Kaz for the win.
  • Flag
    i'm finished with it.
  • Flag
    yep ill try my best
  • Flag
    Alright I learned how to make a flag so if anybody wants a flag just comment.
  • Flag
    Can anybody make me a flag like chattans but have battle in it?
  • 1 round
    i agree with you i would love to have more people to play. I think if they would play 1 round they m...