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    Is There any way Of Retrieving a password to my old account these days? God Knows i Have no Idea Wha...
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    O.o Im Amazed that This Thread is still Alive. Thats Super awesome news Apoc. I myself am about to h...
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    Just bumping an old post since i didnt get an answer :(
    O.o Its mufin man, Your bro still play? slam?
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    Lol Yes it makes me feel old. And im glad to see your still a mod shady.. Ps think you could do...
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    Omg Apoc >.< Sup Yeah your right It has almost been a year since i last read this. Im Doing Gr...
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    status update Broken Toe :( Long live the legands And for everyone else Your All legands ....
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    thanks and hi and yeah . I dont play co anymore quit that. also quit wow . I play Evony for kicks, s...
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    Long lives the pointless comments huh