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  • Hi
    eh, i have been playing Champions Online, its Free for all. it's cool, i like it cause it's free:) I...
  • Hi
    Wow, all growed up fellas:) I have 3 daughters now, youngest is 2! oldest is gonna be 9! :)
  • Hi
    ZOMG! Shaun! sup man. you probably won't see this for another year, just saying hi to you and all th...
  • Hi
    You know seling teh drugs is illegal right VJ? SHAUN!!!!!! Hey.
  • Back in this
    Hello Seph, Been awhile:)
  • :)
    Hi ;) (S.O.A) ~|4|~ eva!
  • Classic needs a co-leader
    I've seen tys work, he's good, lol.
  • New clans in TL???
    Oh, and it was removed. I apologized to flindbar.
  • New clans in TL???
    >:( yeah, stupid little nephews, did that. I was like "Hey i'm not dead!!"
  • Awe memories....
    Yup, He was a brit, i remember his sister, rawr...