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  • the old days
    I remember incessantly clicking to reach emperor, getting killed multiple times in the MP by BC.. an...
  • GO IC!!
    *Goes on a knee-cap busting tyrade.*
  • Another turn based game
    Looks kind of interesting. But the faq has absolutely nothing about the game, what do you do exactl...
  • GO IC!!
    Now that that's been taken care of.. who's been a naughty boy this year? *Wields the knee-cap bustin...
  • GO IC!!
    All of IC and I would like to wish those that celebrate it a Merry Christmas.
  • GO IC!!
    I'm well on my way, my tech lvl's almost up to 5.
  • Greatest Flags in Nations History!
    Obviously the best flag of all time was my IC flag. The one that was blue and pink and flashed "Pri...
  • GO IC!!
    (Baseball SUCKS)
  • GO IC!!
    =Gobbles said cookies, reclining and rubbing her tummy afterward.= Yumm!
  • GO IC!!
    Hm.. nothing to write here, kinda stated it in the title.