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  • Another win for DoAlCa!!! Congrats
    Awesome job!!!
  • Looking for a clan.
    Join Avengers, we have been around and one of the top clans for over 10 years. We are very loyal to...
  • Congats DoAlCa
    Congrats Doalca!!! Great job!!!
  • DOALCA wins again.....
    Congrats Doalca!!!!! Great job!!!
  • Updates
    Welcome back!!! I'm very excited to see some changes and updates too. :)
  • Congrats Gi_joe
    Thanks, I had a great group of people helping me and I couldn't have done it without them. Great jo...
  • GTG...
    Hey, I hate to hear this. I was so happy to see you were playing this round. I hope you can come ba...
  • AC turns 10
    Im baaaack!!!! Congrats doalca for keeping the clan going for as long as you have. It will be great...
  • ElessaR
    congratulations :)
  • who all was asked
    who all was asked for reinforcements, military, cheap oil/food by kote? this might be funny....