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  • Wow...
    is this place still going lol
  • ;)
    Whats good?
  • I have returned!
    I can feel the love <3
  • I have returned!
    Miss me ;)
  • ps3
    if theres a god and he values innocent lives he will find a way to repair my ps3. anyone got co...
  • You know.
    NOOOW! Maybe someone will think about the idea...*cough Sandycough*
  • You know.
    -_-[Added at 12/22/2008 21:03:48 by Wolfblack]Win/Loss Ratio 81/81 (50%) Current lol, thought...
  • You know.
    Yet again, he's the one that started it.[Added at 12/22/2008 07:54:39 by Wolfblack]This thread was t...
  • You know.
    Attacked By: THRUSTER of E=mc2 Weather Conditions: Partly Cloudy Attack Outcome: You won t...
  • You know.
    Just some noob. he knows who he is, but it got boring fast for me, hence why i suggested it