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  • im back and looking for a clan
    Its sad but true... TL can be so much more than what it is now.
  • Question!
    Thanks, I did that anyway lol
  • Question!
    Captain ~*KiLiC*~ [CLaSSiC] Credits $23.00 Bank $9595520.00 Health (72312/74382) Weapon Leve...
  • Whats your Chinese Zodaic??
    This is so me... "...Their charming, seductive quality actually belies a rather retiring nature;...
  • Gahh
    You have found a common Lottory Ticket. Will you pickup the Lottory Ticket or ignore it? (You alrea...
  • Question
    Lieutenant is before Commander, theres a thread containing all the different ranks if you want to kn...
    Reporting. Commander ~*KiLiC*~ [CLaSSiC] Credits $52999.00 Bank $781272.00 Health (34549/...
  • Hello =]
    Nice to see someone familiar is still around :) Yea, I don't think I'll ever get rid of it, many...
  • Hello =]
    Salutations! I'm an old player of this game.. some people may recognize my name, but I never was...
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    Oh man.. these guys are still around. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here as well.