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  • back
    You should join IC.
  • End Of Round
    I could be wrong, but doesn't the ending time change each round?
  • tech alliance
    I'll certainly take you up on that. Sending a request your way.
  • Too old for this...
    Crap, I am a nub...
  • Too old for this...
    Would a nub be able to get 600 land?!
  • Too old for this...
    My feelings, you hurted them =( I was wondering why I was dipping so much in the ranks lol
  • Too old for this...
    Lol I lost two so quit yer belly achin'!
  • DX vs IC
    I feel like I should be making a comment about Superman's "big" tip. IC is like herpes, you might no...
  • DX vs IC
    Geriatric squad! CL ages line fine wine. AK ages like cheap cheese.
  • Cheater...
    Yes, all is going according to plan. Er, I mean, noooo.